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Coach's Corner


Head Coach's Letter
March 20, 2009

Welcome to the Mifflinburg Wildcat Football program.  As the Head Football coach at Mifflinburg Area High School, I’m very excited about the opportunity to be associated with our community, its coach’s and staff as well as our fine student athletes.  The Coaches are very proud of the accomplishments of our teams and athletes and look forward to the opportunity to continue to build and grow on the foundation that has been set by the many that have come before us.  The entire staff takes great pride in its role as part of the education provided by the Mifflinburg Area School District.

The athletic department is proud of the accomplishments of their teams, but it is also proud of the intangibles that students learn, such as the meaning of hard work, discipline, the need for the personal sacrifices made for the good of the team, responsibility, goal setting, and many other things which are important to the wellness of a person and society as a whole.

As we continue our preparations for next season, the staff and I will accumulate many hours with the young men in our program.  It is important for everyone to understand that time needs to be spent training outside of season in order for our season to be successful.  Our focus will be the development of the young men in the following six key areas:

  • Strength: Strength training is extremely important in order for our players to maintain a competitive edge. Our lifting program is focused on developing core muscle groups and proper technique. We change repetitions every four weeks to challenge the muscles and eliminate stagnation or muscle plateau. Quality in lifting is more important than quantity.
  • Speed and Agility: While weight lifting builds the muscles, speed and agility drills train the muscles to be responsive when needed. Footwork is important and needed for all of the positions on the field. Direction and redirection is a large part of football.
  • Mental Strength: Many coaches talk about mental toughness and focus as a valued attribute in sports. Our players need to be prepared and dedicated to keeping focused on our goals and mission. They will be challenged and put to the test so they understand that they are capable of accomplishing more than they realize. They will also work on balancing schoolwork, athletics, work, home life, etc. while preparing them to meet adverse situations with maturity and discipline. In other words, providing them with skills for life.
  • Technique: As in any program, efforts need to be put forth in understanding the terminology and goals of the plays within the program. Repetition and coaching through practicing fundamentals will familiarize our players with the system.
  • Nutrition: As athletes, we need to take care of our bodies and fuel it with proper nutrients. Part of our time will be spent on teaching the players how to take care of their bodies in order to get more out of them.
  • Team: A large focus of practice and drills will be focused on developing the “TEAM” concept. Individuals grouped together will not accomplish as much as a TEAM. In order for our program to be successful, we need to put the TEAM first.  We need to act selflessly and not selfishly. Our focus should not be on how many yards I accumulate or interceptions I have, but rather did we put forth the maximum effort we could. The difference is using the word we instead of I.

The coaching staff feels that we are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work with all of the young men in this program.  Thank you for taking time to read about our program. 



Go Cats!

Coach Dressler